Preventive Healthcare Programmes

At TCM Shanghai, healthcare prevention is a core focus of our medical team in Dubai and its supporting line-up in Shanghai. We are the first TCM providers in the GCC region to use the so-called Eagle Eye, a non-invasive medical measuring tool, to monitor disorders and illnesses and to create a full body map of health risk factors, giving our TCM practitioners invaluable medical insights as a baseline for our tailored healthcare prevention programmes.

Corporate Healthcare Management Services

According to the Business Insider, the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. With this in mind, our TCM corporate healthcare management services are designed to raise awareness of the correlation between the work environment and general well being. Our services aim to improve the workspace and include programmes for groups of around 30 people. Depending on the objective, these programmes cover various topics, ranging from office ergonomics (correct chair height, adequate equipment spacing, desk posture, etc.) and stress management, to classic TCM treatments and physical exercises, for example Qigong.

Nutrition Workshops & Seminars

According to the TCM philosophy, our well-being is a mirror of our eating habits. Against this backdrop, we offer a range of nutrition workshops & seminars in which our TCM specialists look at the patient’s overall food pattern while evaluating her/his nutrition requirements. In addition to the general food intake, our specialists advise on natural dietary supplements, cooking methods and various combination meals that support the body’s absorption of nutrients.