Traditional Chinese Medicine for Psoriatic Arthritis

Traditional Chinese Medicine is considered an alternative to modern medicine. TCM takes a natural approach to treating various diseases; for instance, psoriatic arthritis. Many patients prefer a holistic approach to dealing with psoriatic arthritis compared to taking drugs such as retinoids which have side-effects.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Dubai centers are gaining popularity as people realize the benefits of embracing this form of treatment. This popularity is credited to the many diseases that TCM can treat both chronic and mild conditions. Unlike western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on body functions instead of fixed human anatomy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Psoriatic Arthritis

Did you know that most people with psoriasis have psoriatic arthritis? Although most patients are diagnosed between the ages of 30-50, you can get it at any age. This disease causes joint inflammation and can also affect other body parts. You are advised against self-diagnosis because some symptoms are similar to those of rheumatoid arthritis. This is why it is necessary to consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine Dubai specialist if you notice any joint pains or red patches.

The symptoms of psoriatic arthritis include swollen joints, toes, and fingers. If you notice that your knees hands, ankles, or feet are swollen, you might have this condition. Often, you might have several swollen joints at once. Psoriatic arthritis might affect both joints on either side of your body. People with this condition often suffer from stiff joints, especially in the morning.

You will often have back and shoulder pain, which is characterized by stiffness and pain in your upper and lower back as well as neck. This could be as a result of inflammation in your hipbones and spine joints. You might also notice small dents on your nails called pitting. Although these are the common symptoms of psoriatic arthritis you should consult a specialist before taking any medication.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Dubai specialists have a unique way of approaching psoriatic arthritis compared to modern medicine practitioners. This is evident in the way they treat and observe this condition.

One of the basic aspects of TCM is that your body’s vital energy called qi flows through paths that connect all body organs. When these channels are blocked, your body organs are disrupted causing illness. Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks the root of the problem and treats both the diseases and the symptoms.


Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating Psoriatic Arthritis

TCM practitioners are interested in your whole being that is why they ask crucial questions to identify the cause of any disease. The following tips will help you to understand more about TCM and psoriatic arthritis:


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine psoriatic arthritis is caused by the presence of heat pathogens that cause the redness of the skin.  The practitioner looks at the size, shade, and shape of the redness to determine what type of heat to treat. If the redness has a deep shade, it means that the heat is great. With time, the patient starts to experience itchiness, discomfort and hardened skin.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Dubai specialists focus on using herbal remedies which can be used alone or with other herbs. The medicine can be taken as tea, pills, powder, or as ointments.

These herbs are created to target the imbalances in your body.  If the specialist realized that you have a “blood heat” problem, he will prescribe herbs that deal with this heat. Although some people doubt the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating psoriatic arthritis, the patients have a different experience.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Treating Psoriatic Arthritis

Traditional Chinese medicine approach uses various herbs for treating diseases, including psoriatic arthritis. Some of the herbs used are listed below.

Common Madder

Common madder is known as Qian Cao Gin in Chinese, and it is believed to hold blood-cooling and anti-expansion abilities that alter and even prevent the occurrence of psoriasis plaques. Early investigations into the effectiveness of this herb showed that it has anti-psoriatic effects. Scientists believe that Qian Cao Gin can alter the hyperproliferation of cultured skin cells. However, you ought to consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine Dubai practitioner before taking this or any other herb. This is because too much can affect your liver, and you might take the wrong herbs.

Indigo Naturalis

Indigo naturalis or qing dai is a Chines herb believed to contain heat-clearing characteristics, anti-inflammatory, and anti-proliferative effects. Most practitioners advise on the application of qing dai to get rid of itching, scaling, and red patches caused by psoriasis. Using this herb has few mild side-effects.

Chinese Foxglove Herb

The Chinese foxglove is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine Dubai centers and all over the world for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis. This herb helps to relieve pain and has blood-cooling effects which are caused by the obstruction of qi energy.

Snake Needle Grass

Like all other Chinese herbs used to treat psoriatic arthritis, the snake needle grass has blood-cooling properties. Studies have shown that this herb contains anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce psoriasis effects and other inflammatory conditions.


Many Traditional Chinese Medicine Dubai specialists believe that acupuncture can be used to treat psoriatic arthritis safely. Acupuncture is effective and non-invasive and has been used for many years. Practitioners use thin needles to stimulate acupoints.

Acupuncture helps with immune system functions and inflammation. Psoriasis an autoimmune disease causes purple/red patches on your skin, and they might flake or peel off.  Psoriatic arthritis which affects people with psoriasis causes joint stiffness, pain, and swelling. Acupuncture helps with psoriatic arthritis by cooling down excess heat and boosts the circulation of blood. This treatment is more effective when combined with Chinese herbs.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is widely used to treat various diseases with few side-effects and in a non-invasive approach/h. Psoriatic arthritis which causes joint pain and inflammation is no exception. Unlike modern medicine which only treats the disease, Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a deeper look into the symptoms and their underlying cause. The practitioner treats both the symptoms and the disease using both herbs and acupuncture. Remember to seek help from a certified specialist before taking any medicine.