Traditional Chinese Medicine for Acne

Acne causes whiteheads, blackheads and pimples which usually occur on the forehead, chest, and face. It can be challenging to get rid of acne, especially if it keeps recurring. Although acne is common in teenagers, it can also affect adults.

Acne affects different people in the UAE because of different reasons, which cause an increase in sebum production. Sebaceous glands are found with a hair shaft and the surrounding cells shed rapidly. If you have acne, it means that when these cells shed, they stick together and cause this condition. These cells then mix with sebum and block the follicular opening.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acne

Traditional Chinese Medicine views acne as a disease which is related to the influence of pathogenic influence of damp heat and heat on specific meridians. This heat might be caused by poor diet, overworking, stress, congenital conditions, or the natural increase in Yang energy, which is common for adolescents.

Heat affects the stomach or lung meridians from where it’s transmitted to the chest or face. This causes an inflammation response. In case the heat tries to escape via the Tai Yang channel, acne develops on your back.

Heat present in the lung meridian, which is caused by external wind pathogens, causes skin redness. Heat in the stomach meridian is caused by greasy and spicy foods; this weakens and increases damp heat in the stomach Fu and spleen Zang.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats Acne
Traditional Chinese Medicine for Acne

Traditional Chinese Medicine as an acne alternative treatment looks at the culprit causing an imbalance in your body to decide the proper treatment.

Herbal Supplements

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dubai is different from modern treatment because the practitioner will not only treat the condition, but also the symptoms and causes. TCM uses herbs to balance your body’s energy.

Each patient is unique, that’s why people can have the same symptoms, but different medications and treatment. For instance, 5 patients who visit a TCM practitioner can leave with different herbal formulations.

Traditional Chinese Practitioners are very keen when it comes to making a diagnosis. They look for the foreign bodies which disturb your body and cause it to have harmful responses. The goal is to balance the whole body system using adaptogen herbal formulation.

Adaptogens are a special category of herbs designed to create balance in the nervous system whenever it is under stress. These adaptogens are familiar; for example, holy basil, ashwagandha, and ginseng. These herbs help the body to adjust and adapt to the environment.

Eating Warm Foods

Acne alternative medicine might not always be about taking supplements. Sometimes, it requires you to change your lifestyle. TCM practitioners know that diet is essential for skin regeneration, which is why they recommend checking their blood type diet.

The information about your blood type and what you are usually drawn to consume, they can customize a menu to help with the proper healing of your skin. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the type of food you eat affects the nervous system in different ways. For instance, fish is considered a cold dish so it is often paired with ginger or wasabi to create balance.

Sometimes, practitioners might advise you to stay away from chicken because it a very warming food. This means that it creates heat in your body and promotes acne. Do you know why eating chicken soup makes you feel better when you have a cold? It is because the soup warms up your system. Adapting the right diet changes your skin in a big way.


It might surprise you to know that you can use acupuncture to deal with acne. However, don’t worry because the needles won’t go anywhere near the breakouts. Acupuncture on the face creates micro-traumas on your skin and this boosts the production of collagen. The practitioner does not have to place the needles on your face; they can be placed on particular acupoints.

Acupuncture also works internally by stabilizing your hormones and soothing your gut and other factors which affect the health of your skin. Acne alternative treatment such as acupuncture works externally to reduce inflammation, redness, and to promote supple skin.

Apart from reducing acne, acupuncture promotes a clearer and even tone skin. Acupuncture gets rid of heat in your body. This helps to regulate your hormones and get rid of toxins and bacteria.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, gut health plays an important role in your nervous system. There is also a nervous connection between the lungs and large intestines in Chinese Medicine. The lungs are important because of their connection to the skin. This means that your lungs regulate your skin. Probiotics are necessary because they promote gut health.

Probiotics can be yeast or bacteria; sometimes, they are called “friendly bacteria.” Although there are different types of probiotics, some are beneficial for your gut health. Eating probiotics also helps your digestive system and immunity.


Unlike acupuncture where the specialist uses needles, cupping uses small cups to create suction on your skin. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acne can be caused by stagnation of blood, which is caused by the dampness and warmth of skin.

Cupping works by reducing heat and helps to promote proper blood circulation. Cupping works better in treating acne compared to certain antibiotics. Acne alternative medicine involves effective practices like cupping which view the symptoms of this condition as heat-related and toxic.

A practitioner’s aim is to draw these toxins through cupping. The cups are placed on certain meridians instead of the affected area. Cupping is also effective because it brings essential nutrients to your face. This fights acne and creates a soft skin free of inflammation. The good thing about cupping is that it treats the underlying cause of acne instead of only dealing with the pimples.

Acne makes can make you insecure, especially if you had it since adolescence. Traditional Chinese medicine provides non-invasive natural solutions to acne. A TCM practitioner treats the root cause of your problem to eliminate it for good. In a nutshell, Traditional Chinese Medicine works effectively to eliminate acne and other skin problems.