The History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of treatment used during ancient times. The history of acupuncture dates back to the Stone Age era where man utilized stone tools to perforate and drain blisters. Taoism, a Chinese philosophy which dates back to 8000 years, was the origin of acupuncture. The people loved to meditate and observe energy flow in the universe. During the late Stone Age, the people designed knives from rocks and used them in medical routines. As they approached the new Stone Age, they were able to design needles which they used as tools of healing. Although this practice started in China, there are a lot of acupuncture practitioners in Dubai today.

Evidence of Acupuncture from Historical Records

Although the documents found in the Ma-Wang-Dui tomb in China date back to 198 BCE, they don’t have information about acupuncture. However, they explain the meridians system. Traditional acupuncturists believed that energy flows around the body, and you can manipulate it to attain balance.

According to acupuncture theory, Qi energy travels around the body via 12 major points called the meridians. These points are the major organs such as kidneys and heart and their functions.

The earliest record of acupuncture dates back to 100 BCE in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. This book contains the emperor’s questions and the answers provided by his educated minister. This volume also contains comprehensive information regarding the meridians and Qi.


Acupuncture continued to grow and became the standard of treatment and therapies in China. Practitioners combined massage, herbs, diet, and moxibustion to complement the treatment. Teaching acupuncture became easy during the 15th century as experts started using bronze statues to teach acupuncture points. Practitioners today refer to these points for treatment.

The 14-16th century saw the rise of Ming dynasty. It was during this period when they published The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. This volume holds the procedures of modern acupuncture practices.

The Course

During the Ming dynasty, acupuncture became the standard of treatment, and experts continued to refine and come up with better ideas. Many intellectuals specialized in this practice and wrote many articles, which simplified the acupuncture techniques.

The Decline of Acupuncture

In 1822, the government abolished the practice of acupuncture; however, this treatment continued to prevail among the people. The emperor considered acupuncture as irrational and superstitious practice. By the 20th century, Western medicine was a favorite of many, and acupuncture continued to fall.


When the People’s Republic of China was formed, the government brought back and prioritized Traditional Chinese Medicine. Health centers and medical colleges resumed the practice of acupuncture and trained many experts. Students and specialists conducted many studies to expand the practice. These activities helped to improve the practice of acupuncture in clinics and also allowed for the discovery of new acupoints.

The Dispersion of Acupuncture

At first, Western medicine was not ready to accept acupuncture as a method of treatment; however, with time, they came to embrace the practice. Initially, acupuncturists in the West used this practice for pain relief while those in the East used it for treatment and prevention of various conditions.

Many studies indicate that acupuncture is useful in many situations such as diabetes and migraines. Today, many specialists are found in Dubai and around the world as people start to embrace the use of acupuncture, which is safer and has fewer side effects.

Uses of Acupuncture Today

Numerous Dubai acupuncture specialists help to treat mild and chronic conditions, such as asthma. They insert fine, light sterilized needles on acupoints to treat ailments. Specialists use acupuncture alone or compliment it using herbs, massages, and other Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture in Dubai healthcare has qualified specialists who follow the original treatment methods. The practitioner asks about your health history, your sleep pattern, what you eat, and if you have stress. Unlike modern diagnosis where the doctor takes a blood sample or tissue, the acupuncturist uses his sense to observe. Your voice, complexion, and tongue coating help to make the correct diagnosis. In Chinese Medicine, your tongue and pulse are the main indicators of an underlying problem in the organs. The practitioner checks your pulse from three points on both arms. This helps to determine the strength, rhythm, and quality.

Forms of Acupuncture

There are multiple techniques of acupuncture, most of which were used by the pioneers. Acupuncturists in Dubai clinics use the methods recommended by the Traditional Chinese Medicine theories.

One of the techniques used today and was used even in ancient Chinese is moxibustion. The specialist places warm dried moxa plant next to the acupuncture needles to activate the acupoints. You can find many acupuncture Dubai experts.

A modern form of acupuncture is electroacupuncture, which you can get from numerous practitioners in Dubai clinics. The specialist passes an electric current through fine needles to activate the acupuncture points. Laser acupuncture stimulates the points without incorporating the needles.

Another technique for you if you don’t like needles is the cupping method. Dubai acupuncture specialists use this method to treat various diseases. The practitioner places cups on specific points on your body and allows suction by ensuring that the cups have no air. Cupping therapy treats migraines and even back pain. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping was used to create balance within the body.

The Future Looks Promising

Acupuncture continues to flourish as many people in the world embrace it as a better choice compared to modern medicine. Dubai specialists continue to receive more patients as people discover the benefits of acupuncture. Cardiovascular diseases which trouble many people in Dubai are preventable and controllable by the use of acupuncture.

The fact that acupuncture was used more than 2000 years ago and is still used today shows the potency of this technique. Over the years, many people and scientists have acknowledged and embraced acupuncture, and Chinese Traditional Medicine practices. Extensive research continues to reinforce the usefulness of this treatment method. If you experience any pains, acupuncture gets rid of it and also prevents further deterioration. Remember to visit a certified specialist before trying any acupuncture techniques.