The Benefits of Chinese Cupping – Traditional Medicine in Dubai

This is an alternative treatment method, which originated in China. This treatment involves placing suction cups on the skin. This boosts blood flow and healing. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping boosts the flow of ‘qi’ energy in the body. Suction helps to balance yin and yang within your body. Creating a balance in the body helps to fight pathogens.

Types of Cupping

In the past, professionals used animal horns to perform cupping. Later, they used bamboo to make suction cups which were then replaced by ceramic. Suction was created by utilizing heat. The cups were heated and then applied to the patient’s skin. As the cups cooled, they drew in the skin.

Modern cupping is not different, but it’s performed using glass cups, which resemble balls, but with one open end. There are 2 types of cupping these are dry and wet cupping. Dry cupping uses suction only, while wet cupping involves suction as well as controlled medicinal bleeding.

During the process, the practitioner places a cup on your skin; the cup is heated with fire. The practitioner uses fire from paper, herbs, or alcohol to heat the cup directly. Some practitioners use rubber pumps for suction instead of traditional methods.

Benefits of Chinese Cupping

Have you ever wondered what all the hype about cupping is all about? Many people around the world, including athletes and celebrities, advocate for the many benefits of cupping which are;

Promotes Circulation

Cupping therapy Dubai increases circulation, where the cups are placed on your skin. Blood circulation is a vital function in your body. It not only supplies oxygen to the brain, but also other organs. This helps our bodies to function properly.

The circulation system consists of the heart and blood vessels, which run all over your body. Arteries transport blood from the heart while veins carry it back. Cupping improves blood circulation, which helps in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. When this happens, veins take lactic acid and carbon dioxide back to the heart for oxygenation.

When ‘qi’ energy is blocked, your body suffers poor circulation which has several consequences. Cupping promotes circulation and prevents blood clots, high blood pressure, and organ damage caused by poor circulation.

Releases Toxins

Although our bodies are designed to release toxins without help, our lifestyles overload us with toxins. Cupping is useful because it boosts your body and helps to get rid of toxins. There are many ways to do a detox; however, some are unhealthy.

One of the many reasons to schedule cupping therapy Dubai sessions is that getting rid of toxins increases your energy levels. Toxins cause you to feel sluggish and tired. Cupping gets rid of this and increases strength.

Eliminating toxins from your body promotes healthy and clear skin. Your environment and diet increase toxins in your body which affects your skin. Cupping supports your body to eliminate free radicals, toxins, and heavy metals.


During cupping, your parasympathetic nervous system is engaged. This promotes relaxation throughout your body. Too much anxiety is bad for your health and the long-term effects have physical consequences.

You might experience hyperventilation which makes your lungs receive excess oxygen and transport it quickly around your body. This can cause dizziness and weakness. Long-term anxiety might also affect your cardiovascular health. People with anxiety might also experience digestive problems such as diarrhea and nausea.


Cupping increases blood flow, which eliminates toxins and helps to restore lymphatic circulation. This helps to reduce the appearance of scars. What causes scars? They are caused by accidents, surgery, skin problems like acne.

Scars appear when the deep layer of your skin is damaged. When this happens, your body produces collagen fibers to deal with the damage, this, in turn, forms scars. The scar tissue is different from your skin. Most scars are pale, but when your body produces a lot of collagen, you get a raised scar.

Helps to Clear Congestion

Cupping therapy Dubai specialists can help you to get rid of congestion and help to deal with asthma. Phlegm builds up in your lungs because of cold, asthma, or bronchitis. The suction provided by cupping gets rid of congestion, therefore, clearing your airways.

This activity promotes the flow of oxygenated blood and lymph to your respiratory muscles and lungs. Although the practitioner places cups on your back, they can also be on your chest. Facial cupping is also useful in unblocking sinuses.

Blocked sinuses can be brought about by allergies or even elements in your environment. People of all ages can suffer from blocked sinuses. You might experience fever, a feeling of fullness or congestion in your face, or even nasal blockage. Although there are several ways to treat these symptoms, cupping is a natural and fast treatment.

Aid in Digestion

Cupping engages the parasympathetic nervous system; this increases blood flow in your digestive system. Gentle cupping on your abdomen can also stimulate your digestive system. Indigestion can be caused by several factors. You might feel bloated, nausea, pain, or an acidic taste in your mouth. The best thing about going for cupping therapy Dubai is that they follow Traditional Chinese Medical treatment principles. They not only treat the symptoms but also the underlying problem.

Varicose and Spider Veins

Varicose veins are unsightly and they appear as prominent, bluish veins under your skin, usually on feet and veins. They start appearing when the valves inside your veins don’t function properly. The valves push the blood back to the heart slowly or ineffectively this way, blood congests, causing the veins to twist and bulge pushing on your skin.

Cupping promotes the flow of oxygen and fresh blood flow to areas with problems. You might start noticing slight improvement after the first session although you need several sessions to get lasting effects.


Traditional Chinese Treatment focuses on using an alternative treatment such as cupping to deal with several problems. Cupping is as old as TCM, but it is an effective treatment method. Cupping is not painful, on the contrary, it helps you to relax and get rid of the pain.