Traditional TCM Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments have been practised for more than 3,000 years. Traditional Chinese Medicine is centered around the body’s Qi. Our Qi is the body’s invisible energy force.

Special TCM Treatments

Special Traditional Chinese Medicine are new treatments that involve herbal treatments such as steaming and leg ozone baths. Designed to treat adults and children. Focused on treating pain, spine injuries, sports injuries and stress.

TCM Beauty Treatments

TCM Beauty treatments, including Gua Sha facial, Acupuncture for smoothing wrinkles, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage, provide a holistic approach to promote skin health, reduce wrinkles, and enhance natural beauty.

Weight Loss Program 

The TCM Weight Loss Program is based on the concept of clearing the blockages of meridians and regulating body metabolism. The program will trigger the body’s own regulatory functions and to accelerate the decomposition of excess body fat to achieve the goal of reducing body weight.

VIP Treatment & Corporate Wellness 

We help businesses in Dubai with their corporate wellness strategy. We help your staff with underlying injuries or pain. We fix workplace stations and overuse injuries caused by sedentary jobs and the effects of sitting for long periods of time.

Chinese Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are a essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They encourage the bodies natural healing processes to combat pain and inflammation. They include antiviral and immune-enhancing properties. Help you fight infection and relieve other stress on the body.