TCM Shanghai Chinese Medical Center is pleased to launch non-surgical Hemorrhoids Treatment package which is non-invasive, pure holistic approach and GUARANTEED result satisfaction for people who suffered from Hemorrhoids for years.

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Spine Treatments

At TCM Shanghai, our patients undergo a general spine check to examine the spine’s condition. Based on the findings, our TCM specialists will put together an individual therapy schedule covering various TCM treatments, ranging from acupuncture and moxibustion, to steaming, cupping and manual therapy. Further to our service offerings, our TCM practitioners collaborate with the Orthopaedic Trauma Center at the Shanghai Institute of TCM in China to provide additional medical support from our international pool of experts.

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Sports Injuries

As participation in organized sports is on the rise, the number of sports injuries has been growing significantly over the past years. Against this backdrop, TCM Shanghai has developed special TCM therapy packages to treat a wide range of sports injuries. As required, these packages include a combination of traditional TCM treatments with the herbal steaming therapy, as well as the foot & leg ozone treatment. In addition, our TCM specialists offer tailored fitness programs to support the flow of Qi and strengthen muscles and ligaments.

Chinese Sport injuries Therapy

Treatments for Children

Pediatrics is one of the oldest specialties within the field of Chinese medicine. A very important principle of today’s TCM pediatrics is that children are given little if any chemical-based medicine. Instead, the focus is put on herbal remedies. Another important feature of TCM pediatrics is the manual therapy (Shou fa). As children are rarely able to voice their health issues, the sense of touch is an excellent communication tool to calm them down and feel their emotional and physical condition, for example, energy blockages.

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