Regulation of the TCM in UAE, Dubai

The practice of TCM in the UAE has gained popularity in recent years, and many people are embracing this method. To ensure that the practitioners are skilled and that they provide quality healthcare, specific measures are put in place. The Dubai Health Authority is an institution charged with the mandate to oversee Traditional, Contemporary, and Alternative Medicine practice in Dubai. On the other hand, the Scope of Practice describes the activities, level of education, and authority of both traditional and contemporary health practitioners.

Dubai Health Authority provides certified licenses to practitioners of TCM in Dubai. In order to acquire the licenses, practitioners are required to pay fees for the exam and provide proof of education and training as well as approval from different ministerial departments.

Documents Required to Acquire a License

To acquire licenses to practice TCM in Dubai, one is required to provide vital records. Below are the minimum requirements:

Degrees and Certificates

A practitioner is required to provide evidence of professional qualifications such as a Bachelor’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from a recognized and accredited institution. If you already have a degree but would like to venture into TCM in UAE, you need to have completed a recognized Traditional Chinese Medicine bachelor’s program from an accredited institution of higher education.


The minimum number of years required for Traditional Chinese Medicine UE practitioners to get licensed is 5 years. This shows that they have gained the necessary skills and experience to earn a medical license. You also require to provide the current certification or registration to practice TCM from your country.

Certificate of Good Conduct

A certificate of good conduct granted in the last 6 months from the departments the applicant currently works as well as licenses and registration issued by licensing bodies.

English Proficiency

Applicants, who studied in colleges where English was not the language of instruction, or have not practiced in an English location, are required to take; a TOEFL test and achieve at least a score of 550 or the IELTS with 6.0 band as the minimum.


Two references written in the last two years by medical practitioners in the same field as well as two recommendation letters are a necessity.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Regulations for TCM in UAE

All practitioners of TCM in Dubai are expected to abide by the following regulations:

Scope of Practice

  • TCM in UAE is considered a vital system of healthcare whose primary purpose is to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and other medical conditions. It also has the mandate to restore health as well as enlighten the patients on ways to incorporate the use of TCM therapies to speed up the recovery process.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine includes Physical examination and laboratory tests as regulated by TCM education and training. Tests are conducted for the sole purpose of diagnosis.
  • Diagnostic tests that are not in accordance with the Naturopathic Education and Medical Training must be referred to a qualified and certified health practitioner for interpretation and treatment.
  • A licensed practitioner of TCM in Dubai is allowed to prescribe, and administer the following treatments; rejuvenating areas or body substances by utilizing qi needles both electric and non-electric stimulation, laser, moxibustion, color, heat and cold, and light.
  • “Wet” or “dry” cupping (suction) can be performed, but sterilization is required in the case of “wet” cupping.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine in UE requires practitioners to educate patients on dietary and nutritional values of TCM. They are to provide counseling and emotional support as directed by the scope of practice.
  • Chinese herbal medicine whether in single doses or combined, granules or powder and herbs can be prescribed as long as they abide by the regulations of the health facility.
  • Medical Acupuncture can only be conducted by practising licensed medical professionals who are allowed to use light, laser, moxibustion, needles, and color to stimulate the affected parts.


General Requirements for Licensed TCM in Dubai

  • Licensed practitioners of TCM in Dubai should prioritize the safety of patients as well as provide evidence-based treatment.
  • Although a TCM professional might be licensed, he is not allowed to expand his practice beyond the area of expertise that they have studied and trained.
  • Regulations for Traditional Chinese Medicine in UE require the doctors, to have social skills such as treating patients according to their needs, culture, and traditions. They are to possess primary knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases. They must recognize life-threatening illness and recommend alternative treatment when necessary.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine UAE professionals can only run tests, administer treatment, and medical acupuncture only with the knowledge and consent of the patient. Licensee should ensure that they apply these methods under Traditional Chinese Medicine practices and acupuncture standards.
  • Medical record and physical analysis and tests of individual patients must be obtained and retained. Before a prescription is done, the practitioner should ensure that the patient is not sensitive to the treatment and medication.
  • The DHA requires professional doctors using TCM in Dubai to seek the assistance of a general medical doctor in case there are doubts about the diagnosis of the patient’s reaction to treatment. Patients should not be denied referrals when they decide to seek a second opinion.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine UAE doctors should maintain detailed medical records of their patients with information such as the follow-up of patients’ diagnosis and examination as well as consultations and working together with other medical experts.
  • All licensed experts of TCM in UAE, are required to abide by all the regulations provided by the Health Authority. They should fulfill the Professional Development requirements provided by the licensing body, and to uphold the standards of medical practice and behavior expected of all licensed professionals.


The Dubai Health Regulation sector was established to ensure that medical practitioners in the country provided quality and standard healthcare. This institution ensures that licensed practitioners of TCM in Dubai follow Traditional Chinese Medicine practices when administering treatment. It also issues licenses to qualified professionals. To avoid the suspension of medical licenses, the practitioners need to abide by the regulations.