How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Avoid Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder characterized by a range of sleeping patterns. According to insomnia TCM, some of these include the inability to fall into deep sleep, restless sleep, dream-disturbed sleep, waking up late at night, and waking up early in the morning. Statistics indicate that at least a third of adults experience this condition at one point in their lives.

Insomnia among individuals often leads to fatigue during the day, reduced focus and reduced concentration. Insomnia TCM specialists in Dubai indicate that it also interferes with one’s motor skills and decision making. These effects may pose a danger, especially to those on the road. Insomnia is also attributed to the weakening of the immune system thereby leaving the body susceptible to diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine categorizes insomnia into two: transitory insomnia and true insomnia. True insomnia is the most common among individuals and is characterized by lack of sleep during the night, restless sleep, dream and nightmare disturbance, and loss of sleep during early morning hours.

On the other hand, transitory insomnia is caused by external factors such as weather changes, emotional upset, outside noise, lifestyle changes, and so on. Once the normal conditions return, this type of insomnia seizes since normal sleeping patterns are regained. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, insomnia is caused by deficiencies or excesses in the body.

The Yin and Yang Concept

TCM Yin/Yang concept or theory indicates that sleep comes as a result of Yang energies (energies of the day) folding into the Yin energies (energies of the night time). Yin energy is attributed to cooling, restoring, and calming. It, therefore, correlates to sundown and night time. During this time, the body turns inward, slows down its processes, and takes time to regenerate.

Yang energy is attributed to the day time, as earlier said. These energies are warming, stimulating, and expansive. During the day, the active Yang energy keeps waxing and waning the quiet and calm Yin energy.

Ideally, the body is dominated by Yang energy during the day while Yin is dominant during the night. Insomnia TCM follows that an imbalance between the two energies can result in insomnia.

Deficiencies and Excesses that Cause Insomnia

Excessive Consumption

Excessive eating and drinking contribute to phlegm accumulation in the body, which is a cause of insomnia according to Traditional Chinese medicine experts in UAE. This accumulation leads to heat, which in turn disturbs the mind. Eating late is also a proven cause of insomnia. During the late hours of the night, the body tries to recharge. Whenever you eat late, the body struggles between breaking down the food and recharging.

Drinking too much of stimulating drinks will also cause insomnia. Sugary and caffeinated drinks will stimulate the body due to the breakdown of sugar, which interferes with the recharging session of the body. Symptoms of excessive consumption include chest and stomach discomfort, dizziness, and bloating.

Excessive Emotions

Prolonged anger, anxiety, worry, and depression bring about deep-seated emotions that lead to the stagnation of the Qi (life force) of the liver. With stagnated Qi, comes heating of the body that disturbs the mind. Individuals undergoing this process often have frequent headaches, red (burning) eyes, rapid pulse, and are easily irritable.

Yin Deficiency in the Kidneys

Traditional Chinese medicine clarifies that a deficiency of Yin in the kidneys causes insomnia as it is vital in cooling and calming the heart. This, in turn, leads to a hyperactive and restless mind (which is the main causes of insomnia).

Qi Deficiencies in the Heart and Gallbladder

Worry and shock are believed to deplete the Qi of the gallbladder according to Insomnia TCM, which in turn affects the heart. Sufferers of this condition often lack sleep throughout the night according to Traditional Chinese medicine.

Tips for Quality Sleep Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

Insomnia is attributed to many health problems such as obesity, heart problems, ulcers, and depression. Overall, it affects the body’s productivity and work capacity. Here are Insomnia TCM tips to help regain better quality sleep:

Green Tea Instead of Coffee

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, drinking green tea more frequently boosts one’s overall health more than coffee does. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and has less than half the amount of caffeine that coffee has. This means that it is less stimulating than coffee and will prevent insomnia.

Avoid Drinking Cold Water

Taking extremely cold water before going to bed is likely to cause insomnia. According to insomnia TCM, the body works extra hard to heat the water. The body, therefore, works on overdrive and is overstimulated, causing the lack of sleep.


Acupuncture is one of the most widely used techniques of Traditional Chinese medicine. In extension, it has been used to treat insomnia. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is known to release any stagnated Qi or life energy from the targeted body part. As such, insomnia TCM has also adopted acupuncture in the treatment of insomnia over the years.

Drinking Chrysanthemum Tea

Traditional Chinese medicine has long used Chrysanthemum, which is a yellow flower, in the treatment of different ailments and conditions. Drinking Chrysanthemum tea is good for keeping the liver healthy. With a healthy liver, a proper balance of energies is achieved, therefore eliminating insomnia.

Avoid Eating Over-Stimulating Foods

Foods and drinks such as pepper, coffee, and alcohol are known to stimulate the nervous system. Though alcohol makes its consumers drowsy, Traditional Chinese medicine attributes it to the stimulation of the body and an imbalance of energies in the liver, thereby causing insomnia.

Feet Massage

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, self-massage of the feet help in opening up the meridian pathways. This, in turn, calms and relaxes the body and reduces the chances of insomnia.

Insomnia, which is a sleeping disorder, is caused by multiple factors according to insomnia TCM. Some can be external, but most of them involve the body. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors in Dubai recommend the use of TCM and adopting the recommended lifestyle habits as an essential way of treating and preventing insomnia. Consuming less stimulating foods and drinks as well as adopting regular sleeping patterns is vital in preventing insomnia.