How Chinese Acupuncture Changes Your Brain

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it involves the insertion of fine light-weight needless in acupoints. Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists believe that the human body has over 2,000 acupoints connected via pathways. These pathways allow energy flow throughout our bodies, which promotes health. Any disruptions to this flow cause diseases.

Many people around the world have embraced acupuncture because of its many benefits and few side effects. There are many acupuncture Dubai centers with qualified specialists who help to restore your health. Acupuncture does not only heal the body, but it also changes your brain.

How Does Acupuncture Feel?

Acupuncture Dubai clinics use paper-thin fine needles and most people feel minimal pain as the needle is inserted while others feel a slight sensation. These needles are inserted in acupoints to produce pressure.

Sometimes, a practitioner might heat the needles during the treatment or even pass an electric current. You might feel energized or relaxed after the treatment. It is important to visit a certified specialist to avoid infections from unsterilized needles. There are also other forms of acupuncture where needles are not used; for instance, moxibustion, acupressure, and cupping.

How Acupuncture Changes the Brain

Now that you know what acupuncture is, you ought to know how it affects your brain. This practice has been around for many years, and although there are many skeptics, the benefits of acupuncture are supported by extensive scientific research. The reason why acupuncture Dubai specialists use this practice for various ailments is because acupuncture changes the brain’s response to pain, chemistry, and neurotransmitters.

Below are the ways acupuncture changes your brain:

Acupuncture Aids in the Production of Neuropeptides

Acupuncture stimulates your brain to produce neuropeptides; these are molecules that allow effector cells and neurons to communicate into the central nervous system. Neuropeptides are a distinct group of molecules released from different sensory nerves. Neuropeptides are involved in the perception and transmission of all types of pain. This means that they help to relieve pain and aid the body in the healing process.

Helps with Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you can visit an acupuncture Dubai facility for treatment. This is because acupuncture helps to deal with various autonomic nerve-related conditions, such as anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, nervousness, epilepsy, and circadian rhythm disorders.

Acupuncture reduces anxiety by controlling the nervous system by bringing the autonomic nervous system branches back to balance. When you feel anxious, the sympathetic nervous system (the “fight” or “flight”) takes over while your parasympathetic (“rest” or “digest” system) keeps still. This is why your heart beats fast and you feel shortness of breath as anxiety creeps in. Acupuncture guides the body back to a balanced state. Acupuncture is effective for anxiety because unlike some anti-depressants, you can feel the effects immediately and there are fewer side effects.

Acupuncture Helps to Improve Your Mood

Acupuncture changes the way your brain perceives pain and has a positive effect on your mental wellness. Mood swings can be caused by various factors such as hormonal and chemical imbalance, diet, and medication. When you visit an acupuncture Dubai specialist, he boosts your mood by treating your hormonal imbalance and other causes.

The symptoms of mood swings are headaches, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia. Acupuncture treats both the symptoms and causes of mood swings by stabilizing body energies. This practice boosts the production of dopamine, endorphins, and norepinephrine hormones which improves your mood.

Soothing the Brain’s Response to Stress

If you have to constantly battle stress, you might want to consider acupuncture. Stress is harmful, and it causes organ damage and weakens your immune system making you susceptible to attacks by diseases.

Make sure you visit a certified acupuncture Dubai facility for proper treatment. The acupuncturist places needles in various points, which helps to lower blood hormone which is produced by the hypothalamus pituitary-adrenal axis. The hypothalamus regulates the immune system, emotions, moods, and controls how you react to stress.

Improves Blood Flow

Acupuncture releases vasodilators and constricts the blood vessels and causes them to relax, which helps to reduce high blood pressure and cerebral blood pressure in your body. Acupuncture is effective in lowering high blood pressure because it helps the patients to relax during treatment; this increases oxygen levels in the heart.

The acupoints are located over primary nerves which are activated during acupuncture. Activating these points sends impulses to your brain, which then activates different organs and body parts. An acupoint above the spinal cord controls the release of adrenaline which increases blood pressure and heartbeat. Acupuncture prevents this from happening and optimizes blood pressure and cardiovascular functions.

Helps to Release a Natural Painkiller

The first thing you think about when you hear painkillers, is probably over the counter drugs. However, your brain produces hormones, such as endorphins which help you to counter the pain. An acupuncture Dubai specialist uses this practice to increase useful hormones in your body.

Sometimes the acupuncturist might twirl/turn the needles, apply heat, or pass an electric current to boost the effects of acupuncture. He might also use moxibustion, which involves the burning of a therapeutic herb near your skin. Acupuncture is an effective treatment for chronic pain, such as migraines and headaches, shoulder pain, and osteoarthritis.

Unlike drugs, acupuncture has no side effects and you can start feeling the difference after a single session. Acupuncturists also stimulate the vagus nerve which runs from the brain stem and reaches the colon to reduce inflammation, which causes chronic pain.

Acupuncture is a safe treatment method that has been practiced for over 2000 years. This technique does not only heal your body, but it also changes your brain positively.  It changes how you respond to pain and stimulates the brain to send signals and to release useful hormones in the body. Acupuncture works by treating the symptoms and causes as one. Remember to visit a certified acupuncture Dubai specialist to avoid infections and injuries. The good thing about acupuncture is that there are few side effects and you might feel the difference after a few sessions.