6 More Reasons to Try Acupuncture

Most of us have come across the word acupuncture, but not many know that this treatment method is effective in treating many diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine discovered that our bodies have unique energetic pathways called meridians, which have a link to the body organs. When you visit an acupuncture Dubai facility, the practitioner stimulates the meridians by placing acupuncture needles in specific points to balance the body.

Acupuncture has gained popularity in the UAE with many people and physicians embracing this technique. Many people adopt this method because it can treat almost every disease, and it promotes wellbeing when used to prevent ailments.

Why You Should Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture was discovered by the ancient Chinese 3000 years ago, and it’s used even today, this makes it an effective treatment. The World Health Organization recognizes that acupuncture can treat more than 40 ailments. However, if you are still skeptical, the following reasons will show you why you should try acupuncture.

Acupuncture Fights Stress

With every day’s hassle and bustle, it is rare to meet people who are not stressed or anxious. You might be juggling work and family and barely have time for yourself. This makes you stressed, which is not only tiresome, but it also deteriorates your health.

Stress can cause headaches, high blood pressure, upset stomach, insomnia, and chest pain. Stress can also worsen certain conditions and diseases. Visiting an acupuncture Dubai clinic for this treatment boosts your nervous system and helps you to relax. When faced with a stressful situation, your hormones are affected, and your nervous system is alleviated. Acupuncture works by balancing your hormonal levels, therefore reducing stress and anxiety.

Reduces Insomnia

We all require sleep for our bodies to rest. Lack of sleep affects your health and quality of life. It is tempting to try sleeping pills, but even these can affect your wellbeing. For instance, they can lead to addiction, sleepwalking, and cognitive decline, but it depends on the medication. Sleep disorders can lead to serious problems such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Acupuncture is not only effective, but it is safe for insomnia treatment. The best thing about this treatment is that your acupuncture Dubai specialist will treat the underlying cause of your insomnia and not just the symptoms. This means that you will fully recover from the problem.

Acupuncture Reduces Musculoskeletal Pain

Acupuncture is the best treatment to consider if you have acute or chronic pain. This method is successful in treating patients who experience pain after injuries and surgeries. Stimulating specific acupoints reduces pain and boosts muscle and tissue recovery.

Whatever pain you are experiencing – whether back, migraines or arthritis – visiting an acupuncture Dubai clinic is beneficial to both your body and mind. Acupuncture activates your brain to release endorphins and enkephalins, these chemicals act as painkillers, and they also help you to relax.

This method also promotes blood flow to the affected tissues; this brings oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and useful chemicals which boost healing. Acupuncture stimulates your body to release natural anti-inflammatory chemicals which not only enhance the healing process, but they also relieve pain.

Boosts Energy

Life can be hard, especially if you have to juggle several responsibilities. Fatigue can cause stress, which affects both your mental and physical health. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy is referred to as Qi. When you are fatigued, we say that your Qi is insufficient. Your acupuncture Dubai specialist might use this method alongside some Chinese herbs to help you relax during and after the process.

Treats Headaches

Headaches can ruin your day, especially if you experience them regularly. Many patients suffer from chronic headaches even after undergoing treatment. Your acupuncture Dubai physician will inform you that acupuncture treats all types of headaches. The specialist places acupuncture needles in specific acupoints maybe the back or neck to counter the pain. The acupuncturist can massage your head to help you relax. The treatment takes at least an hour, and you are advised to visit the clinic during your scheduled sessions. Apart from the treatment, the physician might suggest a dietary change; for instance, he might advise you to reduce your caffeine intake as it alleviates migraines.

Acupuncture Improves Digestion

Many people suffer from indigestion even without knowing, for instance, you might be bloated but think you have belly fat. Other signs of indigestion are constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and inflammatory bowel disease. According to Chinese Medicine, a healthy gut is necessary for good health. If your digestive system does not function properly, it opens the pathway for diseases to attack you.

Acupuncture improves digestion by fighting stomach and pancreas inflammation as well as nourishing surrounding organs. During a treatment session, the specialist stimulates acupoints to speed up your metabolism, boost gastrointestinal muscle contraction and relaxation, optimize large and small intestines functioning, restore stomach acidity to optimal levels, and reduce the production of gastric acid.

Tips to Remember

If you are one of those people who fear needles but want to try acupuncture, you don’t have to worry. An acupuncture Dubai specialist uses fine sterilized needles on specific points, and you won’t feel any pain although some people feel a slight sensation.

Acupuncture is safe when performed by a professional. This is because an acupuncturist knows that the needles ought to be used once and disposed of. A specialist is trained on which points to insert the needles; this means that you won’t experience scarring, bruising, or bleeding. Remember that everybody is different, and sometimes you might react differently from other patients. The practitioner can change the technique or incorporate herbs and other holistic remedies.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of treatment around, and most people are embracing it because of its success in treating multiple ailments. Although this technique uses needles, there is no bleeding or bruising if you visit a competent physician. You should try acupuncture not only because it treats more than 40 ailments, but because it helps in stress and anxiety. This treatment method also fights insomnia, indigestion, mild, and chronic pain.